Best Exercise Guide: What is Resistance Training?

Going to the gym and learning how to use the different machines can be a different experience for everyone. Some people prefer a different type of training, group workouts, cardio, strength training, however, some of these types of training have different techniques embedded and you can learn a new routine that benefits your lifestyle, an example is resistance training.


What is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is a form of exercise that is used to improve your muscular strength and endurance. Whilst participating in a resistance session, you move your limbs against a resistance that can be provided by your body weight, gravity or other exercise equipment such as bands, weighted bars, dumbbells and even some larger exercise machines can be used.


Why Participant in Resistance Training?

You might think it sounds like regular strength training or weight lifting, which will make you ask the question what is resistance training doing for my body?


Bulk & Definition

Because of the speed, strength and endurance involved with resistance training, the training style helps to burn off any excess fat that is on top of muscles. Combining the extra fat burn with the bulking effect of lifting weights, definition for both men and women is much more likely if repetition of resistance training is kept up. For people who are already in good shape, resistance training also helps to tighten muscles up for a more sculpted physic.



A commonly known fact is that muscle weighs more than fat, with resistance training your weight is likely to go up slight through bulking. However, your body will also by burning more fat so it has the potential to even out. Overall, having more muscle is beneficial for your body and its health, muscle uses more fat and energy so your metabolism to process food is much more efficient.


Speed & Stamina

Resistance training offers more repetition and endurance compared to other strength exercises and with this, naturally, stamina and speed are enhanced. Cross trainers and steppers are also machines that can be used with resistance training, increasing the levels to add pressure to the exercise work well for both leg muscles and stamina.


How to Start Resistance Training?

A few different options are available, you can join a gym and hire a personal trainer to go through all the different techniques and show you the best practice. You can also research further online and see what other people are doing in their sessions, you can do a 20-minute session 2-3 times a week to start to see a change in your body.

Making sure you give your body and muscles time to recover is key to improvement. If you’re completely new to strength training, starting slowly will also help your body ease into the changes. Giving your body time to develop helps to avoid injury which just slows down your progression plans dramatically. Create a plan, set realistic goals and keep up your gym attendance, if you can do this the progression will come naturally.

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