Creating an Exercise Schedule Around Your Lifestyle

Creating an exercise schedule can seem like a simple task to some, making the plan is the easy part, it’s sticking to it that’s tough. Your exercise schedule needs to consider your lifestyle in particular and needs to be manageable. Here’s a look at areas to consider while creating your plan.   Put it in […]

Summer Fitness Trends: The Best Workout Programmes

The summer is finally appearing, and it usually means that people are looking to get into shape for their next holiday. The weather can change what types of workout people get involved in, and some of the best workout programmes require being outside. Here are the summer fitness trends to be inspired by for planning […]

Exercise Motivation Tips: How to Keep Yourself Motivated in the Dull Weather

Finding the motivation to attend the gym, go for a run or even workout at home can be tough at times, you might be tired from work, fatigued from a previous workout or just can’t find the right mindset to get back into training. There are plenty of different exercise motivation tips you can read […]

Best Exercise Guide: What is Resistance Training?

Going to the gym and learning how to use the different machines can be a different experience for everyone. Some people prefer a different type of training, group workouts, cardio, strength training, however, some of these types of training have different techniques embedded and you can learn a new routine that benefits your lifestyle, an […]

Best Exercise Guide: What is Weight Training?

It might seem like a simple question for some, but weight training has a lot of different aspects to consider. This article is an overview to answer the question “what is weight training?” looking at different techniques to try and the reasons behind different methods.   What is Weight Training? It’s a type of exercise […]

Best Exercise Guide: What is Interval Training?

There are a lot of different techniques to use in the gym that benefits your body in different ways, some exercises are better for increasing stamina and strength, and others are used for toning and becoming more flexible. A current trend at the gym is interval training, it requires several different attributes to increase your […]

Best Exercise Guide: What is Circuit Training?

For some people, regular weight training and running aren’t something they want to do continuously. Recently, there has been a lot of hype around circuit training and the benefit of getting involved, but what is circuit training? It is a form of body conditioning that uses high-intensity exercises to target strength building and muscular endurance. […]