Creating an Exercise Schedule Around Your Lifestyle

Creating an exercise schedule can seem like a simple task to some, making the plan is the easy part, it’s sticking to it that’s tough. Your exercise schedule needs to consider your lifestyle in particular and needs to be manageable. Here’s a look at areas to consider while creating your plan.


Put it in Your Phone

It can be easy to forget what workout you’ve got planned in the beginning if you don’t note it down or put it in your phone. Having a copy of the exercise schedule is an essential part of sticking to a plan that is going to be repeated. It‘s also important to make the program realistic, if you don’t currently workout seven days a week, the plan will have a better chance of working for you if you set a weekly attendance that will meet.

When do you Like to Workout?

Some prefer morning, others evening and if you have the time, some people go on a work lunch break. Consistency is critical with workout schedules so if you know you’re not a fan of getting up early to work out don’t add it in; it’s an easy way of talking yourself out of sticking to the plan.

Space Out High Impact Workouts

Back to back workouts on days where your body needs to recover is essential to maintaining your plan. Workout schedules usually end up being missed because of low morale and feeling continuously overworked can impact you negatively.

Make it Adaptable

It’s hard to predict what your weekly plans are going to be at times and if you decide to go out after work one day, make sure your exercise schedule has some space in it to change what days you do particular exercises.

Set Goals

Having a goal to achieve weekly or monthly will help in spurring you on to sticking to the exercise schedule. Your goal can be to lose/ gain weight, beat a running time or lift a particular amount of weight. It’s a simple way of creating a plan to you will stick to and telling your friend or family about your target will help even more.

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