Getting Fit In Style With One Athletic

Getting back into shape can be a difficult task, especially as the majority continue to juggle full-time jobs alongside grueling workout routines. However, that isn’t to say that getting into shape isn’t achievable, especially with the vast majority of resources available to everyone.

Not only will you feel better but you will feel comfortable in what you are wearing, which is crucial to your own individual style. Purchasing the right pieces that compliment your body can also give you the motivation needed to push yourself to the gym and that extra mile that you need when you train.

But with the right amount of motivation and the right fitness wardrobe, you could be well on your way to reaching your fitness goals.

Take a look at One Athletic’s wardrobe recommendations for the gym!

Appropriate Footwear

Whenever you enter the gym you should always have the correct footwear to match. Regardless of what type of training you choose, your footwear is crucial to avoiding injuries and ensuring that your body is prepared for each and every workout. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you purchase soulless looking trainers, instead look out for brands that fit into your and feel comfortable when you workout.

Performance Enhancing T-Shirts 

Gym t-shirts are technologically designed to ensure that your body stays cool and comfortable during workouts. Gym wear should be fitted and bring elasticity, not something that will not allow you to breathe as you run. The mesh-like materials help your body breathe, with stops the body from overheating, which is essential to your routine. Take a look at the ASYM and Trifecta t-shirts for more details.

A Pair Of Training Shorts

Shorts should never impede your movement so the length of your shorts matter. Your shorts should come down to the mid-thigh, which will help you comfortable when you participating in different types of functional fitness exercises. Whether you decide to wear mesh materials, or you look for ‘track shorts’ there is a variety of colours and options available at One Athletic.

Finish Off With The Joggers/Track Pants

When the days get colder, joggers and track pants are your best friend when you are going to the gym. As well as providing the best type of insulation for your legs, track pants also help your muscles work at their highest efficiency.

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