HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training

Using High-Intensity Interval Training To Workout and Lose Weight Faster

Cardio is an all-encompassing weight loss tool and should be used while spending time in the gym. Whether it’s on a treadmill, bicycle, or in the swimming pool, cardiovascular activity is a powerful weapon against fat gain.

To dig deeper, HIIT has become a recommended cardiovascular technique to enhance weight loss. It’s harder, better, and more efficient at providing astonishing results.

This article will help readers understand what “HIIT” entails, the advantages it provides, and how to build a personalised HIIT workout session.

What Is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT or “High-Intensity Interval Training” is a training method used to heighten productivity while working out.

The technique involves 100% effort through short, quick bursts. These “100% effort” bursts are followed by a set period of rest. The goal is to rotate between full-tilt effort and rest.

This technique is used to help raise your heart rate. Due to this, the body has less time to recover since it’s pushed harder than ever before. Imagine sprinting 100 meters, resting for 20 seconds, and doing it again.

Isn’t your heart racing thinking about it?!

This is what HIIT is all about. It prepares the body to handle oxygen shortages.

Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training sounds delightful but what advantages does it offer? It’s good to get your heart rate up, but the proof is always in the pudding. The average person wants to see results, and that’s what you’ll find with HIIT.

1) Speeds Up Fat Loss

Fat loss is the number one aim, and HIIT offers incredible results.

Since the body is trained to handle oxygen shortages, it continues to burn fat long after the workout is complete. This biological phenomenon is called, “Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.”gym

It pushes the body to recover, and this process burns additional calories. You don’t even have to move a muscle!

Yes, the workout is intense but so are the results. This is why fitness experts and enthusiasts mention HIIT as a top-tier training technique.

Most people refuse to put in the effort while working out. HIIT ensures your effort levels will rise and as a result, your weight loss will increase. It’s one of the easiest ways to put yourself back on track and heighten your ability to shed fat.

2) Builds Endurance

Feel tired after spending ten minutes in the gym?

Most people do, and it takes time to work on your endurance. With HIIT, you’re going to notice a strong change with your ability to exert effort over a longer stretch of time.

This is how professional athletes train.

You want to prepare the body to handle rigorous bursts of energy, as that’s how endurance numbers rise. If not, you’ll stagnate and never move past your current state.

Please remember, a surge in endurance means you’ll increase the quality of your workouts whether it’s lifting weights or doing cardio.

3) Faster

HIIT is all about quick workout sessions.

Studies have shown a proper 10-minute HIIT session can yield the same results as a 40-minute LISS session (low intensity).

For those who are working out after a long day or have a tight schedule, HIIT sessions are mandatory. You’re able to achieve fantastic results without having to waste an hour on the treadmill.

While LISS training has its advantages, it’s best to incorporate some form of HIIT into your workout regimen. It will bolster your returns and help keep things interesting as you develop physically.

Plus, who doesn’t want to save time to do other things?

4) Entices Personal Records

Do you have personal records in mind?

Perhaps, you were able to run a mile in ten minutes last month? What if you want to break this record?

Without appropriate training, you’re going to plateau at ten minutes. This is where HIIT is amazing as it pushes the body to new heights. You learn a lot about how your body responds to oxygen shortages and time under tension. The more your body adapts, the better it does in cardio sessions.

This is when you start to shatter personal records.

Most people will see steep growth in the first 3-6 months. It can become an avalanche of broken personal records!

5) Compatible With Multiple Exercises

It can become tedious to find a treadmill, crank out a mile or two, and head home.

Don’t you want to mix things up a bit?

HIIT provides you with value in a multitude of exercises. For example, you can take the same training technique into the swimming pool. You can use it on the bike, rowing machine, or outside on a steep hill.

It is up to you!

This is why athletes and fitness enthusiasts adore HIIT. It gives them the flexibility to personalize their cardio session.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

6) No Equipment

Don’t have a treadmill? Don’t have a swimming pool? Don’t have a bike?

Well, you don’t need any of them!

HIIT is all about maximizing the tools you have. If that means you have to run in an open field, then that’s all you require.

HIIT is about effort and short intervals. If you do this correctly, sprinting in an empty field will leave you exhausted.

Building The Perfect HIIT Workout Session

Still trying to come to grips with this training technique?

Let’s dive deeper into the subject.

BEGINNER: 20 seconds (100% effort), 50 seconds (rest), 20 seconds (100% effort)
INTERMEDIATE: 30 seconds (100% effort), 30 seconds (rest), 30 seconds (100% effort)
EXPERIENCED: 30 seconds (100% effort), 15 seconds (rest), 30 seconds (100% effort)
BEAST MODE: 30 seconds (100% effort), 15 seconds (50% effort), 30 seconds (100% effort)

Work your way up the ladder.

There’s no shame in starting as a beginner and building endurance before taking a crack at the remaining levels. You’ll notice your body adapt and that’s when it’s time to play around with your approach.

Always pay attention to your body while using this advanced training technique. If required, please speak to a medical professional to see if it’s a well-suited training method.

High-Intensity Interval Training is one of the best and most effective training techniques in the fitness world. It has earned critical acclaim and is well respected for its ability to shatter through plateaus. Use this technique to your advantage and watch as the excess fat slips away!

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