How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Workouts Tips

How to keep yourself motivated to exercise tips

Finding the motivation to attend the gym, go for a run or even workout at home can be tough at times, you might be tired from work, fatigued from a previous workout or just can’t find the right mindset to get back into training. There are plenty of different exercise motivation tips you can read up on but here are One Athletics tips for keeping your training consistent and your motivation high.

Exercise Motivation tips

Exercise in the Gym with Friends

Going the gym on your own can be daunting at times, but if you can get some friends involved and match up your gym schedules, you’re bound to get your motivation back. You might not necessarily be optimistic about going at first, but knowing that you have made the plan to go with someone, means you’re more inclined to go.

Skipping a solo gym session is easy, your only dependant on yourself, having someone else rely on your attendance mean you’ll likely feel worse if you don’t attend. It’s a healthy bit of pressure to help with your motivation.

New Athletic Gymwear

Likely the easiest of the exercise motivation tips, it’s a simple way to boost your motivation, buying some new gymwear helps with wanting to go the gym and making use of it. buying activewear usually works better if you enjoy wearing the latest in leisure fashion, but that doesn’t mean you need to exceed what you need.

Track Progress for Motivation

You know your starting point and what you want to gain from your gym sessions, track your progress and build up to achieve your final goal. Running can be tracked with time and distance, weights just need a starting amount to track the more you can handle and weight loss can be recorded with pictures or weighing yourself regularly. All simple but effective tools, setting a goal to strive towards will help your motivation naturally and telling your friends the goals will help even more.

It’s important to set realistic goals, if it’s not something you’re close to achieving you’re more likely to give up on the challenge.

Reward Yourself

Working hard in the gym, at home or out running needs to pay off, and sometimes the end goal can be too far in the distance to keep you motivated. Giving yourself a break, a day off or even a “cheat day” is one of the best motivational exercise tips. It gives you something to look forward to in the short term which is a vital tool to spur you on in the short-term. If you keep working to the short-term goals you’ll succeed in hitting you long-term fitness targets.

Just some of our exercise motivation tips to try for when you’ve lost some inspiration. They’re all simple techniques to try which can also be combined for extra incentive.

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