Sometimes, your motivation for the gym just doesn’t seem to be there anymore. Even the most dedicated gym lovers have their off days, and for the rest of us mere mortals, some days just getting to the gym seems like more exertion than we can handle.


So, how do we get the motivation we need for a good, effective workout routine? There may be no ‘set’ answer as everyone is different but there are some tried and tested methods that help bodybuilders and athletes push through that plateau, whether they are a newbie or contest-prepping pro!


Here are our top five tips to get you pumped for a workout even if you’re completely dead after work…


Everyone has their preference for their favourite time to train. Some of us are early birds, some of us love late night sessions. For the lucky ones, a quick lunch time gym sesh is the best; it all depends on the individual. Train when you enjoy it the most, then stick to that every single training day. Never mess up your routine. Once you’ve chosen if it’s before work or early afternoon, gym motivation will become less of an issue and more of a habit.


If early mornings don’t bother you, aim to be there first thing, and you’ll benefit from that ‘breakfast buzz’ that will power you through the morning, and the satisfaction that you’ve achieved something while everyone else in catching zzz’s. On the other hand, nothing beats a heavy session at the end of a hard work day to sweat out all that stress.


The moral is – choose the time that best suits you, get into a routine and NO EXCUSES, just do it. Your motivation for the gym can sometimes seem like a mental chore but if you turn it into a habit, then you won’t ever complain about lacking motivation.


Whether you’ve just started at the gym or it’s been part of your daily routine for years (or like most of us; somewhere in between), there is the frequently talked about changing your gym routine every 6 months or when you’re not seeing any more muscle gains (or losses whatever your goal). If you can’t face another repetitive day at the gym, try something completely new. Anything that gets you to the gym, your body moving, and your heart thumping.


Martial arts, boxing, and HIIT circuits will help to move your body in new ways, work your muscles and shred fat by burning calories. TRX, yoga, and pilates will stretch your muscle condensed limbs, open up joints, and give you some head space away from the weight room. If you are sick of the sight of the weights, mixing up how you train will remove the boredom, and create a new challenge which will be sure to up your motivation for the gym.


Solo workouts work for some but for most of us, having someone else to train with at the gym is key. Firstly, it means we have someone to spot us, and secondly, it means we miss less sessions. The second one being key to staying motivated at the gym! Commit to training with a mate, to spot you and spar with you, and enjoy the ‘friendly’ competition of training as a two-some. It can also help your social life.


That friend you always say you’re going to meet for a drink; swap the bar for the barbell, that colleague you always have a ‘working lunch’ with; have your meeting in the gym, never getting to spend quality time with your partner; make it a weekly gym date.


Too many people say they want to ‘lose weight’, ‘get fit’, or ‘bulk up’, but how do you measure something so vague? Weight is a tricky one to gauge because you could be getting bigger or smaller but the numbers on the scales might not be matching up. If you measure progress with a tape measure however, you might be happier with the results. In terms of fitness, try setting yourself a goal such as being able to press a certain weight in three months, or count how many burpees you can do in a minute and record your progress over six weeks, sign up for a 10k and start training. Make sure once you have achieved your goals, create new ones. Don’t let yourself become complacent.


Scruffy sweats and threadbare tees are OUT. If you look rough, you’ll feel rough. Putting on anything you can find will hold you back when it comes lacking motivation. Proper gym gear that is high-quality and looks good, will not only offer peak performance due to being designed to workout in, but will also aid your motivation. When you have amazing gym clothes to choose from, working out will become less of a chore and when you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, gym motivation is high.

Aim for materials that are designed to allow your body to have a full-range of movement. And find designs that you love because of the style and fit. Breathable fabrics that stretch with the contours of your body means you can concentrate on your training without worrying that your clothing is letting you down.

‘Athleisure’ clothing that lets you ‘work out and walk out’ also means that you can wear the same outfit before, during, and after your session, making going to the gym so much easier!

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