One Athletics sports bra UK selection is uniquely designed for performance training and a standout style. The gym bra is designed to support the bust and back during any workout and has removable bra pads for additional comfort. The fitness & running bra is available in different colours and can be matched up with our hoodies, leggings and vests for the complete look.

At One Athletic, we understand how important it is to feel comfortable and supported when you are working out. Our range of sports bras is designed to offer both performance and style, allowing you to engage in any form of exercise while enjoying perfect support and unrestricted freedom of movement.

Sport Gym Bras

Our gym bras are designed to support the bust and your back while you work out, and it features removable bra pads to offer maximum comfort. We also have a fitness and sports bra for running that offers powerful support and can be matched with hoodies, vests and leggings to give you the perfect look. The cross-over wrap design makes a great fashion statement, and the bra offers enough coverage to be worn as a crop top, while still providing you with support where you need it as a extra high impact sports bra. If you’re training in warm environments then a sports bra will be far more comfortable than a compression top. These sports bras are fitted in a way which means that they’ll be comfortable and work well under t-shirts or hoodies as well. There’s something for everyone.

Sport Bra Sizes

Our bras are sized from XS to L, and are mad from a polyester and elastane blend that will stretch to match your body. The understated branding on the front, and the accent branding on the sides makes these stylish, yet allows them to go with almost any athletic wear. The motto ‘stand as one’ is written on the mid back. It’s a great way to send a message.

Work Out With Confidence

The high cut front and cross-over wrap design ensures a good fit and minimises the risk of any wardrobe malfunctions. If you are doing medium-impact exercise such as zumba, yoga, pilates, running, etc then our bras could be ideal for you.

Whether you’re a slim build or more curvaceous, it’s a good idea to wear a quality women’s sports bra when you are exercising, because it will offer support and protect you from back injuries. It will also allow you to feel more confident when performing fast or explosive movements. Our sports bras are intended for light to moderate impact exercise, and will give you a great boost. They’re ideal for long distance running to, and will help to prevent chafing and soreness.

Sport Bras for Working out

If you’re currently working out in a standard bra, why not give one of our sports bras a try. You’ll be amazed at how much more comfortable they are, and how the compression and support makes you able to move more confidently. The stretch fabric means that our bras will fit most women, check our size guide if you’re not sure which size will suit you best.

Quality and Long Lasting Sport Bras

Our womens sports bras are designed to be durable, and are made from top quality fabric, with robust stitching. They will continue to offer support for a long time to come, and they are machine washable too. The elastic properties will last for a long time, ensuring that you get good support for workout after workout.

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