Sports Spring Outfit Ideas

There are times when you can’t see yourself out of gymwear, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Gymwear has become a fashion trend over the years and whilst being comfy as casual wear, it’s also designed to look stylish. Gymwear isn’t just about what works best technically for a workout (although that’s important), here’s a look at some spring outfit ideas to try in the gym.



Whether you’re in the gym working out or going for an athleisure style, matching up joggers or shorts with a top always helps to define the outfit and highlight your intention behind the choice. Colour is also included whilst matching up an outfit, if you’re wearing a navy tracksuit with a white logo, a white t-shirt underneath blocks the colours off to give the style more depth.

Fitted Joggers

The fitted style is one of the easiest ways to add to the athleisure look, joggers don’t need to be skin tight, however, a tailored pair looks much better in the gym. Having fitted joggers helps to highlight both your trainer choice and top, it’s a more suitable option rather than shorts in spring when the weather is constantly questionable.


It’s a current trend to wear sports leggings under shorts in the men’s gymwear scene, but they do serve a higher purpose. Leggings can also be bought to compress leg muscles and support long distance running for optimal performance and reduced recovery time. Regarding spring outfit ideas, leggings look a lot better in the gym for a more technical purpose and for road running, they show a style ready for its purpose.

Long-length Tops

To match up with tracksuits, the long length style shirts offer a block colour effect under your jacket. It shows the effect of wearing layers without needing to in the spring weather. In the gym, it gives the torso a longer appearance which in turn, makes the wearer look slimmer.


Personal preference is key in the gym, although technical gear is proven to enhance your performance, comfort is key whilst working out. Spring outfit ideas usually involved reduced layers and allowing some of the brighter colours to come out of the wardrobe again. If you pick your colours right, sync up your brands you’re bound to create some spring outfit ideas using the mention styles!

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