Summer Fitness Trends: The Best Workout Programmes

The summer is finally appearing, and it usually means that people are looking to get into shape for their next holiday. The weather can change what types of workout people get involved in, and some of the best workout programmes require being outside. Here are the summer fitness trends to be inspired by for planning the best workout programmes.


Open water swimming

They’re not available in every town, however different quays, lakes and rivers offer summer swimming options to up your training. Swimming is known to be one of the best full body workouts to participant in and encourages both stamina and muscle growth. A lot of local areas encourage people to get involved in competitions, morning and early evening swims.


Group Running

Running is a great exercise, but at times it can be tough to keep up with. Running in a group offers extra encouragement to attain each run and maintain speed with the group. running in a group naturally becomes more popular every summer, most people stick to the regime if the weather doesn’t put them off.



2018 is the year to start yoga, and the summer is tempting more people to try it. Yoga is known to be part of some of the best workout programmes as it gradually makes the body stronger, flexible and reduces injuries from other workouts. Being able to practice yoga in the sun makes the trend more inviting, and its low impact efficiency means that most people can get involved.


Use a Professional Trainer

Every person is a different height, size and has preferences. Using a personal trainer to cater to your goals and create the best workout programmes means you can improve performance to your best ability. The need for personal trainers best holidays increases just before the summer as people want to know the quickest ways to hit their goals. Most personal trainers are affordable and offer workout programmes and meal plans to optimise your fitness goals.


Bonus Trend – Smartwatches

It’s not one of the best workout programmes, but the fitness trend for smartwatches has some fundamental reasons behind it. Being able to record your runs distance, heart rate and much more helps to build on current performance to hit more significant targets. Smartwatches compliment the majority of these summer workout trends and will only make them better for the user.


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